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Once familiar with the demo account trading, traders take the next step forward in the form of forex live account trading. Forex live trading, as the name suggests, is all about trading in the real forex market or environment.

You’ve probably heard that “trading psychology” is one of the most significant factors that make the distinction between success and failure in the Forex trading field.

Indeed it is, which is why it is also the most significant difference between trading demo and live. And unless you are a robot, in all probability, you will be affected by it when making the switch.

The reasons?

Obvious. On a demo account, you don’t have your money at stake, so it’s much easier to think clearly and remain rational and unemotional. It’s simple because you feel no or little emotion when you are scoring losing trades.

However, when you go live, everything changes. At least for most people.

The other aspect that can be very different on a live account is “trade execution.”

This goes to choosing GCG International as your broker, known as a high quality, reputable, and regulated broker.

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