Islamic Account

The GCG International Islamic trading conditions replicate the ones of the trading account type but do not incur swap or rollover charges for holding positions overnight.

GCG International recognizes the importance of the people following the Islamic Faith to abide by their laws and beliefs strictly.

Even though the name of the account is associating with the religion, the phrase "Islamic account" is quite far from faith. This type of account is available for the Muslims, whose religion, or better to say the law of the Sharia, forbids to work with the accounts, where Swap is applied.

Kindly open the Account Type you wish according to your deposit and contact your Account Manager to activate to [email protected].

All transactions in Islamic accounts are closed at 22:00:00 GMT and reopened at 22:00:01 GMT, which keeps open positions for the next 24 hours.

Account-holders do not pay any fees and do not violate Sharia law.

Traders using an Islamic account can work with all trading instruments, use leverage, hedge positions, deposit and withdraw funds in any convenient way.

Open an Islamic account